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 Creative Fusion Glass

About Me

My Background

I have always been fascinated with glass. It probably began when I was very young living just outside Corning, New York when I made multiple family trips and school field trips to the Corning Glass Museum! Today I live in Hebron, CT with my husband and three children.

My first foray into glass art was in stained glass in my mid-20s. I loved the colors and the infinite numbers of design possibilities. I dabbled in stained glass for a few short years until the demands of children and family took priority in my life.

Shortly after my youngest daughter was born I discovered glass fusing. It started with an evening workshop and quickly became a hobby. Within a couple of years I purchased my first kiln, began learning and creating more pieces, and my business was born!

My Medium

I create jewelry, sculptural pieces and functional pieces. I have attended some additional classes and workshops, but most of my learning happens through on-line classes, video tutorials and on-line social networking groups. Much learning happens by trial and error!

I enjoy the medium of glass because of the vast rainbow of color available to work with and the seemingly endless possibilities for manipulating glass through both hot and cold working. I have a long list of techniques that I would like to learn and/or experiment with and an even longer list of pieces to make using those techniques!

The glass I use is mainly colored art glass manufactured by Bullseye Glass in Portland, OR. I utilize all types of transparent and opalescent glass from sheet glass to frit, powdered glass and glass paints. I also incorporate fun specialty glass including iridescent and dichroic in some of my pieces.

My Inspiration

My inspiration is found in the colorful beauty of the world around me. Color is everywhere, from the beauty of a garden blooming in Spring to the flash of colorful coats moving across the ice at my daughters skating lesson.

I am also inspired by fellow artists, nature and everyday life. My intention is to create unique works of art that bring joy and beauty to the world. Emotionally evocative color combinations, layered glass effects and reactions between colors contribute to the radiant energy of each piece. For me, fused glass mirrors the human experience. In glass, various colors and shapes with unique qualities can be fused into one beautiful work of art. This mirrors the way our lives are a combination of experiences, events and people that have made us who we are.

In the end, each of my pieces is created with love and my hope is that they will each bring color and beauty into the world in their own unique way!